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Set E - 2023 Year of the Rabbit Happy Family Prosperity Basket

Set E - 2023 Year of the Rabbit Happy Family Prosperity Basket

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Set E - 2023 Year of the Rabbit Happy Family Prosperity Basket

In Feng Shui, overflowing wealth basket has always been the symbol of wealth and good fortune. Like any farmer, the more you plant, the bigger the harvest is at the end of the day. You are you own farmer for your basket of wealth.

According to Feng Shui, putting the overflowing money basket anywhere is said to attract wealth and success. A large, medium, or little wealth basket may be used practically anyplace, such as in your purse. You may draw money to your purse by placing a little wealth basket inside of it. It may also be kept in your home, business, or even in the family car. You are not restricted to placing just one prosperity basket at your home or business; you are free to place as many as you wish. You will receive more riches the more baskets you have.

A prosperity basket is a fantastic gift for any house warming or newly opened companies if you're looking for the ideal present for your buddies. To your friend, the gift represented prosperity and good fortune.

Place your whole wealth basket in the Northwest and West sectors of your house and workplace. It will harmonize the energy flow within your house or place of business while enhancing your vitality in that area.

Do not put the Wealth Basket in the bathroom. All of your money and luck will be flushed out your home by the toilet.

Set E Inclusion:

  • Ingot Basket (8in x 5in x 4in) - (L x W x H)
  • Red Angpao
  • Lucky $100 Dollar
  • Wealth Rabbit Set (3 pcs)
  • Citrine Money Bar (3 pcs)
  • Ancient Money Coins (3pcs)

Set E Does NOT Include:

  • Rice
  • Money

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