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Chinese God of Wealth: Power & Prosperity in Feng Shui

Chinese God of Wealth: Power & Prosperity in Feng Shui

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Home Decor: Chinese God of Wealth: Power & Prosperity in Feng Shui 
6.5 in x 6.5 in with frame stand

As a revered god of wealth, Caishen is honored during the Chinese New Year. Believers seek his blessings for a prosperous year. His image can be found in various art forms. He is depicted as a true god with many attendants who serve as bearers for his belongings that include gold ingots, coins, jewels, and foods.

Symbolic Meaning:

Maintaining Caishen at home attracts Prosperity and Good Fortune..

He is also known as Zhang Gong Ming and throughout the world, the Chinese and followers of feng shui worship this most influential and powerful of all Wealth Gods.

His popularity remains strong today. People turn to this deity not only to attract wealth luck but to protect from disaster regarding any current financial success.
He is thought to be so kind and compassionate that he will answer any prayers made to him. He is thought of like a wish-fulfilling jewel, able to make one’s wishes come true.
Despite his benevolent nature, in statue or figurine form, Chai Shen Yeh is most often seen riding a black tiger as a symbol of power. He often has a heavy beard and a darkened face and he holds a whip (in earlier versions) or a gold ingot.

Legend has it that in ancient China, Buddha appointed him “Xuan Tan Zhen Jun”, ruler of the distribution of wealth and good fortune.

To this day many believe he still holds that position of authority and he has the capacity to make one’s fondest wishes for financial success a reality.

He is found in statue form in many homes, inviting the relief of financial woes, and businesses often display a figurine of this Wealth God to court his favors.

  • Lucky Five God of Wealth Home Decor
  • Red Box 6.5in x 6.5in x 1in
  • Paper Box

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